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Bought my first mini in the UK Midlands in 1978, a 1968 Mk2 Super deluxe, already rotten as a pear! Quickly learned how to weld, fix brakes and other mini stuff!

Always had a mini or 4 since that day, I've raced 'em, rallied 'em. Drag race, Hillclimb, you name it!

Moved to Aus in 1999 bringing my English S and a pick up (A Ute mate!) over with me. Found rust free minis galore for low low prices in Aus! Nirvana!

Main cars now are 1970 Aussie Mk2 S, 1963 Cooper 997, 1980 Aussie Moke and 1962 850, Oh and just got a NZ built 1964 Riley Elf! Sweet! Will try to add some pics later! Cheers! Graham.....

Graham in Aus
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