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Nov 7, 2018

Would you just look at it!!?

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Edited: Nov 7, 2018


Hello guys, just thought I would put up some autumnal shots of the car, she's nice to drive and all but it's a shame you can't see the beauty of the outside from inside. I spent a bit of time trying to find these locations. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did finding them. The next change on the car hopefully is a new shiny front grille, to give the car that new year, new car look. Check this link out, the grille on the black Mini is so damm cool and should suit the cars bullets too. I might get the current one refurbished also.


Her MOT is in March, and the brakes seem to be lacking in power. Does anyone know what sort of brake pads I should buy for fast road use?

Thanks again Tom for making this forum love using it. At some point early next year I will make a video for a feature. Bradley





see you on the next one.

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  • Alright our good people... 1st things first...important stuff!!! Brews !!! Now we’ve all seen our Tom here making a brew or two... IN STYLE!! Of course...but why oh why do you leaving the tea bag in while adding milk!!! 🙈 .. we all know you take the bag out before adding the milk...so this brings me up the lead and really only question of the day... “ when brewing up... How many of you?...” 1. Take the bag out... before adding milk? or 2. Leave the bag in... when adding milk? 🤓 Moving on swiftly...MINIs !!!!! As I’m based in the Deep South (bournemouth) I’ve been trying to find someone to have a look at how much body work needs doing on the old Girl!!! currently that answer varies with everyone I talk too...the old girl is sat in dry storage in the midlands ... so I’ll be shooting a few questions out there in the coming weeks ... but to start ... I’m looking for someone who can help assess and do the body work required ... any names numbers ideas around the east and west midlands are most welcome... thanks for reading and in the words of Bill Withers... “have...a lovely day!!!“
  • Hi guys, have just joined after watching all of Tom’s vlogs on YouTube over a weekend. I have had a 1992 cooper lying on my driveway for many years. I bought it off of a mate who had lost interest in it. needs quite a bit of work but I’m making a start on it this week. looking forward to it