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Sep 29, 2018

iratic Idle?


Hello any mechanics on here,

My spi 998cc Hs4 carb mini has recently been having a idle were it goes up to 2000 then back down and dies. The choke is out and the throttle has been squeezed whilst doing so. I have checked the fuel pump that works. the spark plugs are new. The battery is charged. And I have adjusted the carb but I am totally bored of doing that any more!!

Some information online has led me to believe it may be a vacuum leak or sticking piston in the carb, this is all I know.

If anyone could help me out that would be amazing, cheers Bradley

Nov 17, 2018

Take the vacuum lines off completely. Bend them and it may reveal hidden cracks. Put grease on the ands of carb spindle. If it evens out the idle, the spindle bushes are worn.

Nov 28, 2018

Hi, Guy

It seems to have sort itself out, a bit worring that. We cleaned the carb throughly all good.


However recently the car has developed a leaking thermostat housing, we cleaned it, bought a new top hose and gasket with sealant. Still a very fine leak that sprays with the force from the fan. What should I check next? Possibly it may be the original thermostat housing that has corroded over time...

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