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3 hours ago

Technically it's not a significant change but a small one, I have just purchased the 12 to 10 wheel conversion kit, I may need peoples advice and hints to make this install as fun as possible. Quest
Oct 29

Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a TeamSlapHead t-shirt from, have checked the shop but there's no listing Cheers Tony
Oct 16

Hi just after some help... not actually bought one yet however in the near future will be an owner of a mini and was just wondering if anyone out there has done a 2din radio conversion whilst retainin
Oct 4

I have recently done some cheap and cheerful mods to my mini. It now performs so tight and solid! I would recommend poly bushes all day long even if you want to keep the car original they are a fantas
Sep 12

So Guys I have bought a new daily car... with a little bit of Poke! who would like to see some content on the youtube channel? For Those of you that know what my car is STAY Quiet ;) haha! Who Can Gue
Jul 4

SO GUYS MY AIM IS TO GET THIS MINI READY FOR STANFORD HALL MINI SHOW! Let me know below if your going to attend � �
Jun 3

Hi guys, have just joined after watching all of Tom’s vlogs on YouTube over a weekend. I have had a 1992 cooper lying on my driveway for many years. I bought it off of a mate who had lost interest
Nov 28, 2018

Hello any mechanics on here, My spi 998cc Hs4 carb mini has recently been having a idle were it goes up to 2000 then back down and dies. The choke is out and the throttle has been squeezed whilst doin
Nov 7, 2018

I plan to keep it as original as i can for example keep all of the interior trim and exterior styling. This is my first car and i'm never going to sell it!
Aug 16, 2018

I have recenlty been obsessing about the 10 inch wheel conversion and then these bad boys should i do it and will the gearing have to be changed to drive normally with a 2 inch wheel decrease? cheers
Oct 29

Oct 28

hi there, my mini is in the state like you see below. I need to cut out the interior panel at the back. With what tool can I do so? I tried a metal drill, a grinding wheel and a dremel. All which fai
Oct 4

Hello guys, just thought I would put up some autumnal shots of the car, she's nice to drive and all but it's a shame you can't see the beauty of the outside from inside. I spent a bit of time trying t
Sep 17

Jul 14

Alright our good people... 1st things first...important stuff!!! Brews !!! Now we’ve all seen our Tom here making a brew or two... IN STYLE!! Of course...but why oh why do you leaving the tea bag in
Jun 25

spent the morning watching some youtube videos, came accross your channel so thought id drop in say hello! Got a few videos up myself and got a good few Mini builds under my belt also, can check them
Mar 19

Hope everyone is having a smashing start to 2019. My Mini has been treated to a new grille and new water pump to fix that leak. Below are some pictures from last year and this month. @cheshirecarmeet
Nov 13, 2018

Nov 4, 2018

Tyre writing is not too everyone's taste but like hi los it makes a massive difference on the look of any Mini. The paint pen cost me just £1 per tyre and matches the white paintwork to a tee. I hav
Aug 12, 2018

I have a red mini... it has a black and red interior. black dash, carpets, door cards. red seats. What are peoples thoughts on a light wood steering wheel... the obvious choice is black. but should i